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With F2i, the worries of independence are over. We accompany about fifty self-employed people in their lives by securing their adventure on a daily basis.

Portage salarial: definition

F2i gives you access to a maximum of advantages through portage while keeping your independence.

Who are we?

About F2i

Our approach is a human-sized one, we favour proximity and daily support.


F2i provides you with a permanent contract, pay slips and expert advice.

In fact, we put you in touch with partners who will help you find the right loan.

Employment contract

 Pay slips

You have the same rights to health insurance as an employee. You are covered by a mutual insurance company and a provident fund.

 Dematerialized and fast

 Without commitment

You are protected as an employee and you keep your independent freedom

Contractual termination

 Full pension contribution

The wealth of F2i is above all the men and women who make up thecompany.

F2i is an ambitious company that likes to take up challenges, helps consultants to become independent and makes a point of honour of respecting its commitments.

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Being self-employed means a lot of work, administrative constraints... on a daily basis. Our freedom cannot be achieved without security and financial optimisation. With F2i, we have the ambition to make everything evolve.

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F2i is also a team of advisors who are there to listen to you every day

You are no longer alone, our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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Freelance consultants

F2i consultants secure their professional and personal lives, while maintaining their freedom. The best of both worlds!

News on freelance administration

Find all our news on freelance administration, your jobs, F2i events, workshops, testimonials from our consultants, etc.

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The Portage Guide

F2i offers you a complete guide to everything you need to know about freelance administration: its advantages, how it works, its practicalities, the legislation. You will find here everything you need to know about freelance administration.

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