partnership in wage portage
partnership in wage portage

Freelancing: confident partners and happy employees!

Freelance administration is a tripartite relationship that governs the good relations between a consultant and a client company through a freelance administration company. For this relationship to work well and for all parties involved to be satisfied, it is necessary to have highly targeted and operational profiles, as well as total transparency in the management fees applied and solid financial guarantees. This is what F2i offers to both its consultants and partners. The result? The consultants talk about F2i around them. And the partners talk about F2i to their own consultants.

Ultra-targeted profiles that you won't find elsewhere

The most difficult thing is to find the right consultant, at the right time, for the right mission. At F2i, recruitment and the profile qualification phase are key steps. In order to save his partners time, Salim and his team carry out a complete assessment: what are the candidate's skills? Is his CV up to date? But above all, they draw up a list of the consultant's desires: what missions is he or she looking for? What technologies does he or she no longer want to work on? Thanks to the synthesis of all these elements, F2i is able to propose the right consultant for a given mission, positioning itself as a real force of proposal and lightening the recruitment work of its partners. Better still, F2i is able to propose candidates outside the job board thanks to its network. The specialist you are desperately looking for is surely there. Salim and his team are also capable of pushing a particularly interesting CV to its partners in order to trigger a need in the end client.

Operational and fulfilled consultants

Once the qualification work is completed, F2i attaches great importance to the integration of its consultants. This is why Salim and his team have developed a six-step process that allows for full support of the candidate (interview preparation, LinkedIn update, CV improvement, etc.). The latter arrives at the partner's premises better prepared and able to start immediately. The proof? 80% of our partners come through our consultants who, satisfied and happy, talk about Salim and his team around them. The quality of the profiles and the development of the consultants are F2i's best business card.

The Fedep's Zero Hidden Costs label

Transparency in freelance administration is not always the rule. At F2i, however, it is an essential value! Since the beginning of its creation, the company has committed to not charging any hidden fees. To guarantee this total transparency, Salim and his team call on an external and independent firm to draw up their consultants' pay slips. This transparency is obviously appreciated by the consultants, but it also reassures F2i's partners. This year, the freelance administration company has decided to go even further by aiming for the new Fedep's Zero Hidden Costs label. The audit is underway and F2i should be certified by the end of the year.


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