A human-sized freelance administration company

At F2i, the most important thing is to know all our consultants and to adapt to their personal needs. This is what a human-sized structure allows. And that's what those who join Salim's umbrella company appreciate. For Mahmoud, who joined F2i a year ago, the challenge was to be able to complete his personal projects quickly. After 23 requests for simulations and a first experience in another umbrella company, Mahmoud finally chose F2i. He explains why and, above all, he will never change again!

When did you switch to freelancing and why?

I am a lead dev in asset management in Paris and I have twelve years of experience. I am a typical case. Before, I was a classic employee in an ESN, like everyone else. Then, I wanted to make a real estate project a reality and I said to myself that it was time to become independent or to go freelance. When I went freelance, I realised that I would have to wait until I had three balance sheets to present to a bank to obtain a loan. But if I went freelance, I could get it immediately because I would be considered as an ordinary employee. I quickly made my choice. I looked into freelance administration and did... 23 simulations! And I scrutinised the results of these 23 simulations. Because you have to be very careful. Some freelance companies are not very transparent about their figures: mutual insurance not indicated, delayed payments, coefficient that was not the right one, fees to inflate their remuneration... I finally decided to go into freelance administration with a friend's company because it was the easiest. And it worked very well. Except that my pay slips were not standard, and that blocked my mortgage application. I contacted Salim again and asked him to send me a draft of F2i's payslips. It was a standard payslip, like any other employee. I signed a contract with the first umbrella company and signed with F2i.

Why did you choose F2i?

For its transparency and flexibility! When I went to F2i, there were no surprises. Everything was clear from the start. Standard contract, standard pay slips, no hidden fees... Moreover, Salim and his team are accommodating.
In other freelance companies, if you don't fit into their boxes, you are not entitled to anything. At F2i, they take the time to listen to your needs and find a suitable solution for you, whether it's about expenses, invoices,
or payment deadlines... When you ask Salim for something, he doesn't start by saying no, he looks for a solution. For me, freelance administration is really the best solution: you can present yourself like any other permanent employee to the banks and the administration, and at the same time, you can present yourself as a freelancer when you are looking for an assignment. And last but not least, you have security: unemployment, illness, termination of contract, holidays...

What is your assessment after one year of freelance administration?

I have been with F2i for a year. It's a human-sized company and communication is easy. Salim and his team are very available. You could even say that it is a family company. And they don't just say it, they do it! You shouldn't stop at just the cost of the portage when choosing a company. For example, F2i takes a little more than the first company I was with, but I'm very happy, because in the end I earn more and I have all the security I need. F2i optimises the situation of its consultants to the maximum so that everyone wins. Salim offers tailor-made support, made possible by the size of F2i. So to sum up, I would say that the main thing is: optimisation and customisation, as well as availability!


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